SilverWolf Vehicles Inc. has introduced a High Torque Electric 4WD Motor kit that converts a standard golf car into an incredible utility and hunting vehicle. 

This ultra efficient system allows the golf car to travel 50% further in real life off-road conditions compared to traditional 4WD electric vehicles with two transaxles.

The system is ideal for dealers who are looking to build a price competitive, high performance, side-by-side option for their customers.

Powerful enough to do burnouts with the front tires and silent enough to enjoy a quiet ride through the countryside, the SilverWolf Motor system appeals to a wide range of users. It is ideal for property owners, hunters, ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The sealed AC wheel motors bolt to the front suspension adding an electronically differentiated independent Drive System to the front wheels. They offer silent operation with no fuel odor and big gas savings.

The 4WD is engaged by using a dash mounted switch that controls the amount of torque provided by the motors.  The system can be turned off when driving on lawns or golf courses.  

Contact Information: 

Claudia Demandt

1-888-398-7078 ext. 712

email: info@silverwolfmotors.com


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