How Does the Motor Kit Work?

The Patent Pending Motorized Wheels offer Ultra-High levels of Torque without limiting the top speed of the vehicle.  The motors provide over 250 Nm of torque to each of the front wheels. This almost doubles the pulling power of a standard golf car. The extra traction allows you to climb hills and traverse off-road terrain that you would never consider attempting with a standard golf car.

Why is this system better than other 4WD solutions?

  • Our system only adds about 40 lbs. to the vehicle 
  • Other systems add as much as 700 lbs. and incur significant friction losses which can dramatically reduce their range
  • Our system does not affect the range of the vehicle 
  • Our system disengages at 12 mph and does not affect the drivability of the vehicle at higher speeds
  • Other systems are active at the maximum vehicle speed potentially making the vehicle more difficult to control 

How are the Motors Installed ?

The Motor is attached to the existing golf car steering and suspension system. The Stock Steering knuckle is replaced with one that is provided in the Adaptor Kit  (Sold Seperately).  This machined knuckle allows the motor to be bolted directly to the suspension of the vehicle (see photo below).


Photo: Adaptor for Stock Precedent Suspension

Watch Our Installation Video


Can I use the existing wheels of my golf car?

Yes, however using stock 8" golf car rims will increase the front track by approximately 3" on each side. You may need to trim some of the plastic fender material to increase the turning radius of the vehicle. 



Image Shows an exploded view of motor, wheel and tire

Will the 4WD System affect the range of my vehicle?

When it is turned off it has no measureable affect.  When it's turned on and providing torque to the wheels, under most circumstances, it is increasing the range of your vehicle because our system converts electrical energy to mechanical energy more efficiently than a stock golf car. If you are traveling long distances at constant speeds over 12 mph, there is a slight range benefit to turning our system off (approximately 1%).

What does the system do?

It provides additional traction in the forward direction as required.  Once the vehicle has attained a speed of approximately 10 - 12 mph (High Speed Mode) it disengages automatically and re-engages when needed. It does not provide torque in the reverse direction. To do so would require larger, more expensive motors and would dramatically decrease the range of the vehicle.

Do I need to stop the vehicle to engage the 4WD?

The 4WD can be engaged or disengaged by the operator at any time using a dash mounted switch.

Is there a downside because the motors do not reverse?

Yes, it is easier to loose traction while backing up.

However, people generally get stuck while moving forward. The advantages of the SilverWolf system greatly outweigh the rare instance of getting struck while backing up.

Vehicles with dual transaxles and other fully reversing 4WD system are much heavier and less efficient than SilverWolf 4WD Technology. Our experience has been that, given the sames tires, the heavier vehicle usually gets stuck first.

We also manufacture fully reversing motors. They are significantly heavier, and require larger more expensive controllers to operate. They can affect the drivability of vehicles at higher speeds and they always reduce the range of the vehicle.

In short, fully reversing 4WD systems (ours included) lead to vehicles which are much more expensive, less maneuverable, and have significantly reduced range.

If I don't want to increase the track width of my car or modify the fenders, what are my options?

You have at least two options:

A) Install 10" x 7" 5-2 off-set wheels in the front (sold seperately) which will accomodate an 18" tire so that you will not be required you to lift your vehicle or modify your steering or suspension.

B) Install a lift kit, select 10" or 12" rims with a 5-2 or similar deep off-set for the front to accomodate larger tires and increase the ground clearance of your vehicle.  Nivel offers these wheels on their website. 

For the rear of the vehicle nothing changes so you can use standard golf car wheels appropriate for lifted or unlifted vehicles.

What are the Modes of Operation?

The three position switch (Off - Run - High) controls the operation of the vehicle. In the "Off" position the 4WD is turned off and free wheels. Your vehicle will operate normally as a 2WD golf car. In "Run" mode, torque is provided at low speeds to conserve power and extend the range of the vehicle. The system disengages at speeds over 6 MPH.  In "High" mode, the torque is provided over a greater range of speeds and is recommended if you are traversing difficult terrain. In this case the system disengages at approximately 12 MPH. Normally we recommend that when you are traveling off-road, you turn on the 4WD in RUN mode. This provides the security of having the 4WD automatically available when required. 

How do I wire the Motors to the vehicle?

The power and signal wires coming from the motor are connected directly to the controller. In addition, you need to purchase a vehicle specific plug and play wiring kit which plugs directly into the vehicle's existing wiring harness. 

What happens if the Motors get wet?

Nothing bad, the motors are sealed and designed to go through the wet areas typically encountered in off-road travel. DO NOT ALLOW THE MOTORS TO SIT SUBMERGED IN WATER. Always park in a dry area.

Will the new Motors make my golf car go faster?

No, the motors operate as a secondary drive system.  They contribute torque when needed. At approximately 10 - 12 mph they drop out automatically and the vehicle speed limit is determined by the primary rear wheel stock drive system. 

Can I pull trailers with the 4WD kit installed?

Yes. One of the primary reasons to install our 4WD kit is to give you more pulling and climbing power. 

Do both Front Motors operate at the same time?

Yes. They always operate together. With our system, there will always be 3 wheels providing traction, both of the front wheels and one of the back wheels (unless your golf car has a limited slip differential).

Is it difficult to turn the vehicle with the 4WD engaged?

No, our system provides electronic differentiation. While turning, the inside wheel automatically does less work than the outside wheel. 

Can I install only one front motor?

Yes. A single wheel installation would increase the pulling power and traction of the vehicle by about 50%. However, the negative aspect of only installing only one wheel is that the vehicle steering will pull slightly to one side under certain conditions.

Can I leave the 4WD turned on all of the time?

Yes, we recommend that you leave it in Run mode. 

Will this kit work with my gasoline golf car.

Yes, but you will need to modify your golf car. You will require the installation of 4 - 12 volt batteries (48 V) to power the motors (possibly in the bag-well). Secondly, you will need to install an accelerator Hall sensor or potentiometer (such as the Club Car Mcor) to signal the motor controllers.  Please call our tech support dept. for assistance

Can I use the 4WD kit with a golf car that has already been lifted?

Yes. You have at least three options:  

A) Purchase a lift kit from us and replace your existing lift kit. 

B) Modify the existing steering knuckle by cutting off the hub spindle and replacing it with a motor mounting bracket (welding and fabrication required).

C) Purchase one of our adaptor kits 

Can I use lithium ion batteries with this system for extended range?  

Yes, the system is designed to work on any high current battery system operating at 60 volts or less. 

What is the warranty?

We offer a 1 Year replacement warranty. See warranty policy for details.

How is it administered? 

Our warranty is administered where you purchased the product. Please contact our customer service department if you have any questions (888-398-7078).

Do I need special tools or skills to install this 4WD system?

You will require standard hand tools, jack stands, and a jack to lift your vehicle. For further information view our installation video or contact us directly (888-398-7078).

If I buy a new golf car can I transfer this 4WD system over to it?

Normally the system can be transferred to another vehicle, however, you may need to purchase a new adaptor kit and/or wiring harness.