Silver Wolf Motors

More Control - Personalize The Driving Experience in Real-Time

  • Adjust the Top Speed, Acceleration and Regenerative Braking while driving

    Increase Range by up to 60%

    • The On-The-Fly (OTF) Programmer auto-tunes the motor to use significantly less current for the same Torque at lower speeds
    • Set your Top Speed and Acceleration as low as possible to Maximize your Range

      Unprecedented Safety Features

      • Automatic Hill-Holdback for backing down steep grades.
      • Speed and Acceleration Lock-Out with a key
      • Adjustable Regenerative Braking in Forward and Reverse

        Ultra Efficient

        • Almost all of the energy coming into the controller is used to drive the vehicle
        • No cooling fans required to dissipate wasted energy

          No Complicated Programming or Field Mapping Required

          • The OTF Programmer Dynamically Adjusts the field map according to the user settings

            Plug and Play Installation

            • Compact Footprint fits most OEM mounting locations without drilling or cutting

              Works “Out of the Box” with all DC Golf Car Motors (Shunt & Series)

              • One Controller SKU works with all Major OEM and Aftermarket Motors

                Built-In Protection to Prevent Motor Burn-Out

                • The controller modulates motor power to prevent overheating

                  An Economical way to Upgrade the Power & Speed of your Vehicle

                  • In many cases it will not be necessary to purchase a larger motor

                    Controller Provides Both Simplified & Traditional Diagnostics

                    • Our New Simplified Diagnostics provides Feedback by acknowledging Operator inputs from the Controller’s perspective.
                    • Traditional Diagnostics are focused on the controller itself

                      Minimized Inventory for Dealers / Distributors

                      • The same controller can be used in most Shunt or Series Wound DC Motor Applications (vehicle module required)

                        Simplifies SilverWolf 4WD Upgrade

                        • Harness Modules are pre-wired for Plug and Play 4WD Upgrades

                          Frequently Asked Questions:

                          Why do other Controller manufacturers recommend motor upgrades with their High Power    Controllers?

                          With Navitas Controllers, in many cases, it is not necessary to upgrade the motor.
                          Simply increasing the power output of the motor is not harmful. Overheating is normally what damages electric motors. Our Controller monitors the energy going into the motor and when it deems that the motor is getting too hot it notifies the operator by flashing a diagnostic, cutting the power, and reducing the speed of the vehicle. 

                          Once the motor cools, the controller automatically switches back to full power and full speed.

                          In our experience most users rarely trip the thermal fold-back feature of the Controller. However, if the specific application requires continuous high-power, we recommend that the motor be upgraded to one which is purposely designed for that application. 

                          What if I don’t want the Controller to reduce the power or speed?

                          If the operator cycles the key switch on and off, the clock will be reset to zero.
                          The roll of the Controller is to notify the operator that the motor is being overheated and to attempt to protect the motor. The Operator can decide to continue at full power. The controller has done its job by notifying the Operator that if they persist, the motor may fail completely.

                          Will your 600 Amp Controller drain my battery quicker than a 400 or 500 Amp Controller?

                          Clearly, a 600A Controller is capable of draining a battery pack quicker than a 400A unit, but in reality the Controller supplies only as much current as the vehicle requires.
                          Ultimately it is the demand curve of the vehicle, which determines how quickly your battery pack will be drained.
                          Once you are rolling, the vehicle is probably using less than 100 Amps. At this point it will be the efficiency of the Controller and Motor that determines how much battery current is needed.
                          In fact, if you use the OTF Programmer to turn down the speed and acceleration the controller will retune the motor to run more efficiently. In many cases this will lead to a greater range than what you would get with a stock controller.

                          Why do you say your Controller can increase the range of my golf car?

                          When using the On-The-Fly Programmer, turning the speed limit down reconfigures the Controller and adjusts the motor so that it uses less energy to push the vehicle. This significantly reduces the current demand on the battery and leads to a noticeable increase in range.
                          Furthermore, with our On-The-Fly Programmer, you can increase the amount of regenerative braking as you are going down hills. This will not only put energy back into your battery pack, it will also save wear and tear on your brakes.
                          Finally, by limiting the acceleration of the vehicle, you can reduce the size of the current peaks drawn from the batteries. This also will lead to an increase in range.


                          Why is your Controller more efficient than most others?

                          Our Controller uses premium electronic components and finely tuned power boards. It does not generate much waste heat. Therefore it runs cooler. This means that we can package our Controller into a smaller footprint and that we do not need any external cooling fans to dissipate wasted energy.

                          Why do I not need to change the field maps if I put the controller onto different vehicles with different motors?

                          With our On-The-Fly Programmer our Controller dynamically changes the field map to operate your motor at an efficient point.
                          If you encounter a motor that we have not tested, the OTF can still be used to adjust the motor to operate within acceptable performance parameters.
                          You can always call our Tech Support if you need detailed assistance.


                          What does the On-The-Fly (OTF) Programmer do?

                            • It is used by Dealer to set up the vehicles according to the preferences of the customers. The Dealer can adjust the Top Speed, Acceleration & Regenerative Braking rate of the vehicle.
                            • The OTF allows Operators to Personalize the Driving Experience by changing the Top Speed, Acceleration and Regenerative Braking of the vehicle in Real-Time while they are driving.
                            • The OTF Programmer can be used to turn on and off certain controller features including Series/Shunt Wound operation, throttle calibration and diagnostics

                          What if I don’t want someone to change the Top Speed or Acceleration of the Vehicle?
                          The OTF Programmer includes a Lock and Key. This allows the Dealer or Owner to lock in the setting so that the programmer becomes in-active and can even be physically removed from the vehicle without affecting the settings.   
                          This is ideal for:
                          • Rental Fleets where range needs to be maximized
                          • Commercial / Industrial / Institutional settings where speed needs to be limited
                          • Crowded environments where acceleration must be controlled

                             As an End User, do I need to purchase the OTF to operate the Controller?

                             No, the Controller will operate fine with the default factory settings. Most of our Dealers will have an OTF Programmer to set up the car to your specifications.

                            However, we feel that you will likely want to purchase an OTF for yourself. They are economical and they give you the ability to fully control your Driving Experience as conditions change.


                            As a Dealer, do I need to purchase the OTF to operate the Controller?

                            If the customer is not happy with the default parameters a dealer will need to have access to an OTF Programmer.  

                            Will your Controller make my car go faster?

                            Yes, OEM Controllers generally limit the top speed of the vehicle. In some cases you will need to purchase a speed code to change it. With our OTF Programmer, you will not be required to purchase a speed code. You can adjust the speed of the vehicle to the maximum capabilities of your motor. 

                            As a Dealer, how are you reducing my need to carry Inventory?

                            With Navitas, you only need to purchase one Controller. The Vehicle Modules can then be used to connect the Controller to the OEM’s native wiring harness for plug and play installation. These modules are very economically priced.
                            For example, using our system, a relatively small investment (one Controller and 10 modules) will cover 10 separate applications, whereas those same 10 applications would require 5 x the investment (10 controllers with Native OEM Connectors) in a competitor’s products.


                            What is the difference between your Wiring Adaptor Modules and the Native OEM Connectors used by other Manufacturers?

                            A Native OEM Connector is hard-wired into the controller. For example, such a controller for a Yamaha application can only be used on that specific Yamaha model.

                            Our Wiring Adaptor Modules are the interface to the specific OEM the wiring harness. They also perform signal translation functions.

                            What is the difference between “Simplified Diagnostics” and Traditional Diagnostics

                            Traditional Diagnostics are used to identify non-standard operating conditions within the Controller such as high temperatures, low voltages and high currents. These are then used to diagnose vehicle or controller related problems.
                            Simplified Diagnostics represent an innovative way to provide the Driver with a continuous overview of the vehicle’s operation (from the Controller’s perspective). These are used to directly identify the most common vehicle issues.
                            Every time a Driver changes something, they receive a subtle acknowledgement from the Controller in the form of a slight pulse or flash on the OTF.
                            For example, the Controller will acknowledge that the accelerator pedal is being depressed and then once again when it sees the signal for maximum acceleration.
                            Other Controllers are also programmable. Why is the OTF a better solution?
                            There are several reasons:
                              • With the OTF you can adjust the Driving Experience in Real-Time vs. the Off-Line Programming available with traditional Controllers
                              • Other Controllers require Lap-top computers or dedicated devices which are expensive to buy and difficult to operate.
                              • Programming other controllers is complicated and often requires a level of expertise that is not available at the Dealer level. Inappropriate parameter modifications can have severe unintended consequences including unexpected behavior and severe equipment damage.
                            Is it necessary to install a high current Solenoid and thicker Battery Cables with your Controller?
                            No, the controller will operate with stock cables and solenoids. However, we do recommend installing a heavy-duty solenoid and we suggest 4AWG Battery & Motor cables for our 400A controller and 2AWG cables for our 600A controller.

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