TEEKON™ DC to AC Golf Car Range & Speed Enhancement Kit


TEEKON, via its Smartphone App, offers riders the ability to modify OEM settings for additional speed and torque options without “nickel ‘n diming” you. 

SilverWolf utilizes premium AC-Permanent Magnet motors that deliver unprecedented energy efficiency derived by their reduced weight, regenerative braking capabilities, and smart Power Management Technology.  They draw much less current while delivering a high-powered ride. Easily, they deliver 20% greater range than the stock DC motor installed on a standard golf car.

It’s the proprietary motors utilized by TEEKON that are truly driving the enhanced experience by utilizing AC Permanent Magnet technology—one that major electric vehicle automakers have begun to adopt in their newer models.  Previously, the industry heavyweights relied on AC Induction motors but have begun switching to AC Permanent Magnet motors.

TEEKON's motors don’t just provide greater torque but greater torque sooner.  Right out of the gate, riders have access to full-torque capabilities;  meaning you don’t have to wait and build up speed before you can climb that hill, ford that stream, tow that trailer.  TEEKON really gets you movin!

The TEEKON kit utilizes a Plug ‘n Play wiring harness that connects directly to the car’s OEM harness.  In fact, installation requires only 7 tools found on a typical work bench!  Further adding to effortless install, is its weight—57% lighter than the OEM solution!  Sorry guys, no work out here!

TEEKON is the most cost-effective DC to AC golf car conversion kit on the market today; with its slim sticker price and its higher mileage per charge, it goes easy on the pocketbook.

Newly added the Smartphone App utilizes built-in Profile settings so drivers can easily switch between individual profiles customized to different driving temperaments.   Built-in profiles include “Turtle mode” for low speed, “Long Range Mode” designed to maximize range, by limiting speed, acceleration and torque, “Standard Mode” provides stock golf car performance levels, “Standard LSV” delivers greater speed up to 25 MPH and finally “Sport Mode” delivers maximum speed and torque but requires a waiver to activate.

Compatible with Club Car™ Precedent, Onward/Tempo and DS(smart charger)-Replaces original Curtis 1510/1515 Controller

Other brands added soon

Kit Includes

  • 12HP / 9kW AC-Permanent Magnet Motor - 10 Spline
  • 840 Amp AC Controller
  • Smart Plug 'n Play Connector Module
  • Customize On-The-Fly with the Smartphone App


    Requires SilverWolf Motor's  2-Gauge Power Cable (see part # PK000012)

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    All Prices in US Dollars  Dealer Pricing Available