SilverWolf AC Controller with BlueTooth

The 760 Amp Controller is a high power density AC Motor Controller that utilizes the latest in Sinusoidal Flux Vector control to ensure smooth and quite motor operation.  Paired with the AC-PM Motor offered by SilverWolf, efficiencies of over 90% can be reached under actual operating conditions.   

A robust MOSFET based three phase bridge provides peak efficiencies with no audible noise.  

The FREE "On-The-Fly" Smart Phone App can be used to adjust Top Speed, Acceleration, Regenerative Braking and Power Usage (Range). 

This Controller features a Low Profile form factor which facilitates installation in tight spaces, such as the Club Car Precedent, without modifications.

Available Optional Features include:  BlueTooth, GPS, Cellular Connectivity, CAN bus, LIN 

Technology by Accelerated Systems Inc.